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Graduate advisor 大学院の指導教員

唐澤 太輔


  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Theory
  • ・Applied Transdisciplinary Arts Theory C
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ・Production Skills Workshop I, II
  • ・Guided Research I, II (Master’s Program)
  • ・Transdisciplinary Arts Research: Theory I
  • ・Guided Research I, II, III (Doctoral Program)


Born 1978. Bachelor’s (Letters) from Keio University, with a Master’s and Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Waseda University. After teaching in Waseda’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Karasawa served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures of Ryukoku University (Kyoto), before joining AUA in 2019. He specializes in philosophy and cultural anthropology, specifically the fundamental ways in which mankind constructs customs, beliefs and cultures, based on the thought of Japanese intellectual Kumagusu Minakata (1867-1941). Recently his research has concentrated on comparative studies of Minakata and artistic thought, as well as the modernistic potential of Kegon Buddhist thought.


・Single-author books

Minakata Kumagusu: Nihonjin no kanousei no kyokugen [Minakata Kumagusu: The Ultimate Possibility of the Japanese]. Chuokoron-shinsha

Minakata Kumagusu no mita yume: passage ni tatsu mono [Dreams That Minakata Kumagusu Saw: The Man Standing on the Passage]. Bensei


‘Ura-Nihon’ bunka renaissance [Renaissance of the ‘Opposite’ Japanese Culture] (with Masahide Ishizuka, Yutaka Kudo and Iori Ishikawa). Shakaihyoronsha

・Special talks and lectures

Kumagusu to art [Kumagusu and art]. reading club vol. 2 (reading club series). KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku

Kumagusu: Yume ni tsuite [Kumagusu: About his dreams]. THE BOX OF MEMORY (Yukio Fujimoto exhibition). KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku


Nō no naka no mori: Minakata Kumagusu no hakken [A section of forest of the brain: Kumagusu Minakata’s discovery method] (Academic research support). Wild: Untamed Mind. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo