In January 2020, We held "Tabi-ko" that travel of site study.

"Region" has already been established as a "Site" among artists' expression. At the same time, "Travel" has long been treated as a methodology of contemporary art. Until now, the art developed in the "Site" has been transformed through the various inspirations which the "Travel" brings, and many examples accepted as a new element which composes the "Site" are also reported. However, we are now questioned to verify the understanding of the "Region" and redefine it. "AKIBI" Transdisciplinary Arts Practice" provided by Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts at Akita University of Art is on the basis of above-mentioned query. Moreover, with utilizing the function possessed by the action of "Traveling" around several places (the brewing thought born by learning the local sites and traveling around while envisaging about the possibilities of the future) at the maximum level, we could be generating the theme of the "Travel of Site Study".

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the participants in the "Travel of Site Study" should have their own opinions for the following two perspectives throughout the process. Firstly, people confront the region means that they are physically to be incorporated into the inside of one world by the composite creation/generation such as history, environment, and economic activities, and only this physical experience would be the clue of change the region itself. Secondly, it is the time for us to inspect with the plural perspectives how "the local region" has judged and comprehended about the art which has contributed back to the region. In order to put these into practice, "AKIBI Transdisciplinary Arts Practice" carries out the research and the intensive workshops done by various participants through the act of "travel" twice a year, and in the first part (summer), it is aimed to bring up the producers of "sharing the performers' perspective", and in the latter part (winter), as to "give it back to the region" it is aimed to bring up the organizers and the practitioners with utilizing the creative perspectives.

Project Director Shigeaki Iwai

  • PERIOD: Jan 8th to Jan 15th, 2020 / 8 days 7 night
  • Travel destination: Nikaho-city, Yurihonjo-chity, Akita prefecture
  • Director: Iwai Shigeaki (Prof., Graduate School, Akita University of Art)
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